Bone Conduction Hearing Devices


A patient will be reviewed 6 weeks after the BCHD has been fitted to ensure they are hearing as well as expected. At this time fine tuning of the BCHD can be undertaken if needed.

Similar tests to those undertaken at the initial assessments are performed, such as speech testing to make sure that when wearing the BCHD the patient is hearing better than before they had the implant. We will also use some outcome questionnaires to assess satisfaction with the sound.

Thereafter, adults will be reviewed either once a year or once every 18 months depending on the type of implant.

Children are generally reviewed on an annual basis.

We are available to see patients at any time in between these reviews if any problems arise. Please get in touch using the details on the About Us page.

Usually, after 4 years of having a BCHD, we will see a patient for a longer appointment to re-assess hearing needs. At this point, we will review all the devices that are available and suitable, and if necessary the patient will be upgraded to a different device.