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  • Online courses for Professionals

    Please find below details of 2 up and coming online courses

    On line Information Morning for Local Professionals -Tuesday February 9th (morning)

    For anyone working with children with cochlear implants.

    This course is an adapted version of our Information Morning for Local Professionals. It will be in three parts on the same morning with short breaks between each. The course will cover the pre-implant assessment process, programming and expectations post-implant.

    On line Learning to Listen -Tuesday March 9th (morning)

    For teaching assistants, class teachers and other ‘non-specialists’, as well as teachers of the deaf, working with children who have had their cochlear implants for up to about 4 years. 

    This Course is an adapted version of our Learning to Listen course. It will be in two parts, both on the same morning, with a short break between the two. The course will cover stages of learning to listen and how children can be encouraged to listen to and understand sounds, words and sentences.

    Click here to download the booking form. Please complete the form and e-mail or post to secure a place.

We are the Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service

The Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service (YAIS) was established at Bradford Royal Infirmary in 1990 and supports families and children from Yorkshire and surrounding regions. YAIS have developed nationally recognised programmes for both adults and children.

Welcome to YAIS

At the Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service we strive to offer a flexible service guided by the needs of the individual child or adult whilst maintaining quality standards.

How can we help you?

Cochlear Implants

For information about cochlear implants, start here.

Bone Conduction Hearing Devices

For information about other implantable devices start here.

Our Multidisciplinary Team includes:

  • Consultant ENT Surgeons
  • Head of Service
  • Clinical Scientists (Audiology)
  • Teachers of  the Deaf
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Technicians
  • Assistant Rehabilitationist

We also have access to:

  • Interpreters
  • Clinical and Educational Psychologist
  • Radiography Department

The whole process of  initial assessment, fitting the implant and rehabilitation involves the patient and families working with the team in a variety of settings including the hospital, home and for children the school. This demands a high level of commitment from everyone involved.

Through working in partnership a caring and committed service is provided for each individual.

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