Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service

Faq and What to Expect

Faq and What to Expect

The assessment and decision making process can be challenging. We will try to answer all of your questions to help you make the best decision for you.

Here are some of our FAQs:

How many appointments will I have before and after having a cochlear implant?

What will happen when you switch the implant on? Will I see my child react?

When will she/he be able to speak?

Should we learn to use sign language/Makaton/BSL?

Can my child play out in the rain? Can my child wear the implant in the bath? Can my Child go swimming?

Can my child play sports?

Can I use the phone?

Will my child go to mainstream school?

Can she/he travel on an aeroplane?

How do I arrange transport?

Music and TV