Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service

The Operation

The cochlear implant operation is performed under a general anaesthetic, which means the patient will be asleep.

This is what happens during the operation itself.

  • a small area of hair behind the ear may be shaved – this will grow back later
  • a cut is made behind the ear
  • a small bed is drilled in the bone to fit the implant
  • the electrode array is placed in the cochlea and is tested to make sure it is working
  • the opening in the skin is then sewn up using dissolvable stitches.

Antibiotics are given just before and for a day after surgery to reduce the chance of infection. Before going home, an X-ray is used to check the position of the implant.

The stay in hospital is usually just over night. It is advised that the adult does not attend work for two weeks following the operation. This may vary according to the adults individual work environment.