Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service


Decision and Offer: A final decision is made by the team and, if appropriate, the adult is offered an implant which they can either accept or decline. If it is decided the a cochlear implant is not suitable then the reasons are explained and discussed.

Pre-operative assessment and cochlear implant operation consent: These are arranged on the same day if possible but as a number of departments within the hospital are involved this is not always the case.

During the consent clinic the risks of surgery are discussed and the consent form is signed if the adult is happy to go ahead.

Your Teacher of the Deaf will talk you through our Parental Agreement after consent. This outlines our responsibilities for rehabilitation and support after the operation. It also gives you the opportunity to review our expectations for parents: this includes family engagement with the service, encouraging your child to wear the processor(s) and continuing to help them learn to listen. Please click below to read the parental agreement: