Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service

How You Can Help

Our aim is to raise funds to provide equipment and expertise to maximise the effectiveness of the screening and support programmes. Your generosity can help us to help the deaf in many ways. For example, you could:

  • make gifts of toys which assist with testing – some cost as little as £15
  • help us purchase highly specialist equipment costing thousands of pounds
  • why not consider having the unit or a room named after you
  • you could sponsor a specific piece of equipment
  • or prepare a legacy
  • or simply help us with fundraising efforts and events.

How about a ‘Swishing Party’ ; Car boot sales ; join in one of the great runs ; sell trolly dollies.

This type of help has never been easier. The forms are simple to complete and the taxman can add 28% to whatever you contribute. Options include:

  • sending a gift of money
  • leaving money in your will
  • tax-effective giving of company shares

Please register your willingness to help or make a donation by completing our Donation Form [PUT LINK HERE!]