Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service

Initial Appointment

You will have an appointment with the audiologist who will take a full hearing history and complete a hearing test.  Most people who arrive in clinic will be familiar with a hearing test. 

What tests to expect:

  • Otoscopy – An examination of the ear and ear canal.
  • Tympanometry AKA “the pressure test” – A test to assess the health of your ear drum, and middle ear space.
  • Hearing aid check – To assess how they are set up, how much assistance they can give you, and how often they are used.
  • Speech tests – These are used to see how much speech you are able to access, ideally whilst wearing well programmed hearing aids.

We might be able to get all of the information in one session. If we need to have adjustments to your hearing aids making we will need to split this initial assessment over two appointments to allow you to get used to these changes. If you have been issued with hearing aids, it is helpful for you to wear them consistently in the weeks leading up to your initial appointment.

Sometimes additional tests are required to complete the assessment. We will let you know as we continue through the assessment if any additional tests are required.

Unfortunately we cannot accept hearing tests from other departments as part of our assessment, but we will use information from previous hearing tests to help guide our management.  We will ensure your hearing aids are optimally fitted.

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