Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service

Speech and Language Therapy (SLT)

Initial Speech and Language Assessment:  An informal communication assessment is completed by the speech and language therapist and information about equipment and services for people with hearing loss is discussed.   Further assessments may be completed depending on the individual.

Information Session: Adults will attend a session to provide information about how the cochlear implant works, the benefits and limitations of the cochlear implant and the importance of regular listening practice following implantation.  We strongly recommend that adults attend this session with relatives or friends who will be able to support them after they have had their implant.

Baselines Session: Adults who are proceeding to cochlear implantation will attend a session to ensure that they are fully aware of what to realistically expect from a cochlear implant. Their personal listening goals and will be discussed so they are ready to fully engage with the process of learning to listen with their cochlear implant.

Meeting Established Cochlear Implant Users: Adults will have an opportunity to meet or contact an established cochlear implant user to discuss their experience of getting used to and using a cochlear implant.

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