Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service

Teacher of Deaf (TOD)

Rehabilitation Baseline Assessments are completed by a Teacher of the Deaf. Information collected includes listening, communication style, language development

After your first clinic appointment (meeting with a YAIS doctor) the teacher of the deaf will meet with you and your child to explain the assessment pathway, give information about cochlear implants and answer any questions you may have at this point. You might also be asked about the kinds of sounds (if any) your child responds to with hearing aids in and how they are getting on wearing their aids. You will be given information to take away and share with the rest of your family and friends. You will be offered a parent contact (a parent with a child who already has cochlear implants and with a similar profile to your own child wherever possible).

In some cases joint appointments with SLTs and TODs may be offered. Both professional groups also work closely with the YAIS Rehabilitation Support Worker who speaks Urdu/Punjabi/Hinko and with other interpreting services to ensure your child is assessed and you are supported in your home language.

Information is also exchanged again at this time to prepare the family for the operation and hospital stay.